“No one is too grand for coaching”

“The experience taught me that you are never too good for coaching – proper coaching makes good business leaders better and great ones greater. I wrote about it in the FT in June 2014  and at the time I didn’t name my coach because she was such a best-kept secret that she hadn’t even got a website. Last month she finally went online, so I’m happy to share now that her name is Serena Hartley.”

Mrs Moneypenny, Financial Times 

“Serena is a remarkable lady who has an exceptional ability to capture the attention, interest and imagination of individuals and teams across all levels of business through to the very top. She leaves a lasting positive impact and always maintains the highest level of professionalism and integrity.”

Senior Executive, PLC Bank

“Serena’s coaching has made an enormous difference to my work and home life. Through her analysis I have been able to understand how my brain works to make decisions and also how that differs from my colleagues and stakeholders. I simply did not appreciate the extent to which the world is perceived in a completely different way by others; armed with that knowledge I have been able to significantly improve my communication skills.”

Financial Director, PLC

I have achieved all of the objectives that my CEO and I set at the start of the coaching process, and the process itself has been time-efficient and enjoyable – I heartily recommend it”

Senior Director, Bank