Team workshops

Serena has been coaching individuals and teams for twenty years, and therefore has a wealth of experience to draw from.   She delivered a change programme within Shell, and  she also designed and facilitated highly effective workshops in AON and a range of other companies.  (BP, Close Brothers, Lloyds TSB and Yorkshire Water

The Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI) is a system to measure and describe thinking preferences in people.Mum pic

The HBDI diagnostic teaches you how to communicate with those who think the same as you, and those who think differently than you. Once an individual understands his or her thinking style preferences, the door is open to improved teamwork, leadership, customer relationships, creativity, problem solving, and other aspects of personal and interpersonal development.

The HBDI explores these different thinking styles showing how these preferences will have their place in determining how we react, respond, communicate and behave.

There is no ideal profile, The ideal is more choice.  The more we understand our own thinking style and preference, and learn what we need to be more flexible, the greater results we will achieve.

The HBDI workshop gives people a new way of understanding others, increasing the way they communicate and influence.